Jamie Robbins, Sports Psychologist

Jamie Robbins

Jamie Robbins has been involved in sports her entire life. She began as an athlete, moved on to coaching, and now enjoys the role of sport psychology consultant and assistant professor. Jamie has worked with athletes of all ages and levels, in addition to non-athletes in the business world. She has stood beside teams who made their first appearances in the Final Four and been a sounding block for athletes attempting to break their own personal best in every sport. She helps athletes overcome fears, conquer obstacles, and enjoy the process.

Jamie’s career began before she earned any degrees. She learned the importance of confidence, focus, motivation, and teamwork while participating on the Division I University of Michigan field hockey team. It was through her experiences that she recognized how important the mind is in allowing us to achieve success or resolve to mediocrity.

Jamie is willing to work with anyone who will answer the question… “What would you do if you could never fail?” As a sport psychology consultant, her goal is to help others recognize their strengths, utilize their skills, and adopt new proficiencies to call their own.

Jamie is an applied sport psychology/performance enhancement consultant and has consulted with teams and coaches across the country, working with soccer, field hockey, tennis, gymnastics, basketball, track & field, cross-country, baseball and swimming. She has worked with athletes at the club, high school, and college level, as well as adult athletes. Additionally, she has conducted workshops for coaches, athletes, and parents. 

Jamie holds a Doctorate in Kinesiology specializing in Sport Psychology from Michigan State University, a Masters degree in Sport Psychology from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan.