Jerry Lynch, Sports Psychologist

Jerry Lynch

Dr. Jerry Lynch helps people of all ages and abilities in all arenas of leadership, coaching and performance He has been a sports psychology consultant for 33 years. He has served over 25 international and national championship teams at both the professional and collegiate levels including athletes from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.   

Dr. Lynch currently is a public speaker and has delivered presentations in such conferences as: the New Zealand National Academy of Sport, Der Deutsche Schmerztog in Germany, the National Field Hockey Coaches Convention, the Ironman Sports Medicine Conference in Hawaii, the USA Lacrosse National Convention, and the NIKE/China Leadership Summit in Lanai, Hawaii.

Dr. Lynch received his doctorate in psychology from Penn State University, and has done extensive post-doctoral work in the area of philosophy, comparative religions, leadership development and performance enhancement. He is the author of ten books that focus on coaching, leadership, spirituality of sport, warrior spirit, peak performance, and sports psychology.

He is the founder and director of Way Of Champions, a performance consulting group geared toward helping others master the inner game for peak performance in athletics and develop the essential spiritual qualities so necessary for the game of life.