Johnny Allen, Experiential Based Learning Consultant


Johnny Allen is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and holds certifications in “Teambuilding, Group Initiative and Leadership Development through Experiential Based Learning” from Winthrop University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Johnny is in his third year as Director of the Athletic Symposium to Elevate Professionals & Uplift Performance (A STEP UP). Some of his work experiences have included: Rock Hill High School (Basketball & Track Coach), South Region (PTI) Technical Assistance Coordinator (providing technical assistance and training to North Carolina Title I Schools.

As a senior consultant for Felicia Hall Allen & Associates, Mr. Allen has co-facilitated Team Building & Leadership Development sessions for several teams in many athletic conferences including the: ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac 12 and SEC.   He also was a part of an Administrative/Technical Assistance Strategic Planning & Leadership Development training for   United States Olympic Committee. 

Mr. Allen has been the featured keynote speaker and trainer at a wide variety of national conferences and conventions reaching senior managers, leaders, coaches, student athletes and administrators across the nation.  He now travels the nation providing Leadership Development, Management Training and Creating a Shared Vision Retreats. Johnny is nationally recognized for his expertise in teambuilding and group initiative training. His insight on leadership has impacted numerous Universities and College athletic teams, national organizations and agencies including Fortune 500 Companies.

Mr. Allen holds certifications in the following areas: The DiSC Facilitation System, Coaching for Success, Crucial Confrontations, Situational Leadership, and Cultural Diversity. He also uses other instruments such as The Color Code Personality Test which helps workshop participants understand their Core Motive and innate strengths and limitations in order to relate more effectively with others, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Team Effectiveness Profile, a popular diagnostic instrument designed to assist groups in improving their output and team chemistry.