Riley Ennis, Dartmouth College Student, Founder / CEO Immudicon

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Riley Ennis is the CEO of a biotechnology startup, Immudicon LLC. In high school Riley worked for three years on a cancer vaccine that teaches the immune cells of the body to recognize and remove tumors. His work caught the attention of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Sheikh Zayed Institute, the INOVA research foundation, and the former SVP of Pfizer. In addition, he worked to receive over $10,000 in initial funding to start Immudicon, which is focused on licensing the cancer vaccine platform technology. The vaccine has been recognized by the Intel International Science Fair, BIO Convention’s BioGENEius Challenge, AXA Equitable Achievement Award, National Young Inventors Gallery, and the Virginia Academy of Science.

Riley is currently a sophomore at Dartmouth College. He wants to double major in economics and biomedical engineering. He is on the executive board of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society and an Executive fellow for the Kairos Society. He founded Mitosis Inc., which is a student-run venture accelerator and seed fund that functions as a resource for Dartmouth ventures. In addition, he works at the Dartmouth Hitchcock-Medical Center on a cancer nanotechnology research project.