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During his first year at Amherst College, Jae Heo ’14 made an immediate impact on the men’s soccer program. Heo came to Amherst by way of The Pennington School in New Jersey, and helped lead the 2008 Lord Jeffs to the best season in program history. As a rookie, Heo finished second in the NESCAC in points (28), third in goals (12) and game-winning goals (4) and tied for ninth in assists (4), while helping lift Amherst into the national semifinals for the first time in school history. Despite the amazing season last year, Heo will not return to the Amherst sideline until 2011, as he will return to his native country of South Korea to enlist in the navy. Heo will not join his teammates on the field this fall, but will never be far from their minds, and has agreed to write an exclusive blog for the Amherst Athletics website.

January, 2011 ~ NEW POST!

Happy New Year Amherst!
Wow! It is already 2011, the year I complete my mandatory military service and return to Amherst, my home I so much longed for over the last two years. Therefore, I made my New Year's resolution to be ready to be back at Amherst so I can start rocking both academically and athletically right away. I am sure everyone on the team made resolutions as the New Year started to make this year ever more special. I hope together we can make all our hopes come true to make the upcoming year as special as possible.
Since the North Korean sinking of Cheon An and the assault on the Yeon Pyeong Island, the South Korean military has been promoting "change" in many aspects. The new Secretary of Defense is greatly enforcing military discipline to successfully prepare for the prospect of war.

The discipline of the military is maintained with great strictness and severity. For us, it means the daily double march at six in the morning got much longer even in a deadly cold. The R.O.K Naval Academy has an enormous barrack square for midshipmen to practice and boast their march-pasts. A lap is about half a mile. The Superintendent of the Academy gave special instructions for the soldiers living in barracks to run five laps of the square each morning to establish a new military spirit.

Practically, I am running over two miles each and every day. I hope when I return to Amherst, I can break my best record in the time two mile run. This time, I am confident I can run two miles even faster because I am the lightest and sharpest I have ever been in my life. The environment here in the Korean military is quickly changing, and I hope the new military spirit leads me to grow much stronger as a man.

There are only a few months left until I get back to Amherst. Until then, I will have confidence in everything that I do and perfectly prepare to become, once again, a proud AMHERSTIAN!
Happy New Year to everyone!

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