September, 2009

It seems like just yesterday I was seeing all of my Amherst friends and coaches around campus. I recently visited the Amherst website to see how my brothers are doing so far. Three wins against powerhouses! I feel especially proud about the win over Bowdoin, a team we lost to last season.  I am glad that the season has started off well, and I am particularly impressed with the freshman goal scorer who has netted three goals so far. You better not try to take my spot when I return!

My life in the Navy is improving every day. Although my rank is still the lowest one (Seaman Apprentice), the Naval Academy provides entertainment and facilities that all ranks can enjoy. My promotion to Seaman is on Dec. 1. I will then have two stripes on my uniform, which will make my life significantly easier because I can make lower ranks to do all the difficult work! Everyone who enters to the military ends their service with four stripes on their uniform, which represents either Petty-Officer Second Class, or Sergeant. A promotion comes every six months, which I think is unbelievably long, but it makes sense that the two years of service are separated equally into four parts. I believe, through this policy, people learn to work themselves from the bottom up. This work ethic is important not just in the military, but also in life, because one’s rank follows them for the rest of their lives.

Although the quality of life is improving here in Korea, my freedom is still limited in so many ways. For example, I cannot access the internet, use the weight room, read books, or travel freely. However, great memories and thoughts of Amherst bestow vitality for me to go on everyday.

I'm at home right now, just out on leave for the weekend. I had to wait two months for a weekend of leave from the Academy this time. Just a few hours ago, I talked to some of my teammates on Facebook and on the phone. Especially for the guys who I talked to on the phone, it was so emotional to hear their voices. I honestly felt like I was actually sitting in a room with them, talking about all the things that we used to talk about. I really miss our time together.  I count the days until we are together, on the field, again.

Good luck in your upcoming game. Beat Connecticut College!!!