The Amherst College Strength and Conditioning Flexibility program is designed to improve functional range of motion, aid in the rate of recovery after exercise, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance athletic performance.  Student-athletes are provided a variety of stretching and warm up routines that will address every major muscle group and joint in the body.


  • Perform soft tissue work before warming up (e.g. foam/PVC roll, tennis ball, lax ball massage, etc)
  • Spend extra time on problem areas that feel excessively "tight" or "tender"
  • Perform a dynamic flexibilty routine after soft tissue work and before exercising to help accomplish the following:

- increase core and muscular temperature
- increase functional range of motion
- provide nutrients and oxygen to exercising muscles
- excite high threshold motor units

  • Static stretch post workout holding a variety of positions for each muscle group for 20-30 seconds
  • Spend extra time or repeat stretches multiple times on problem areas or if there is an imbalance
  • Stretch prior to sleep if you are excessively "tight"

All of the routines to accomplish the above can be found in the Videos subpage of the main site.

*** Please note: power production is decreased and risk of injury is increased if flexibility is too great due to joint tendons and ligaments becoming too lax.