The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was created on the Amherst College Campus in the Fall of 2006 and is now fully functional. The members of the SAAC have been divided into three committees--Publicity and Spirit, Community Engagement, and Campus Relations. These committees provide the foundation for the SAAC to make an impact on a number of different areas within our community. Each SAAC committee will work both individually on their own projects, but come together to accomplish goals that are beneficial for the entire Amherst community.


Publicity and Spirit 

This committee will address ways in which to get the SAAC and its initiatives public; look at ways to increase visibility, awareness and support for the student-athletes in all sports; build / maintain a web site for the committee.

Community Engagement 
This committee will address ways in which the student-athletes, athletic department and the respective teams can be more visible within our community; increase awareness of engagement opportunities; assist outside organizations through support and participation; enhance the lives of others by looking for ways in which we can volunteer our time and energy within the Amherst community.

Campus Relations 
This committee will address issues dealing with communication between student-athletes and faculty; ways to improve interaction between student-athletes and others on campus; having members of SAAC on various campus committees where the issue of athletics would be in question.