Women's Lacrosse Volunteers at Book & Plow Farm



By Gina Lambiase'16

           The Amherst College women’s lacrosse team spent their Saturday morning on October 5 volunteering at the college’s Book & Plow Farm. A beautiful fall day, the team immediately jumped into three hours of difficult, but rewarding manual labor. Split into different groups, each crew took on different tasks. Some built “caterpillar greenhouses” named after their u-shape structure resembling, unsurprisingly, a caterpillar. The farm grows produce for Valentine Hall and the contribution of the greenhouses will help keep up production during the cold months, which as sophomore from Princeton, NJ, Katie Reilly, adds is “like all of them”. Others helped out by putting pipes in the ground, while the injured reserve took control of the power tools. During lag times, the team cleared rocks from the fields and got to know the managers of the farm, Toban and Pete.

            In years past the women’s lacrosse team has volunteered for a variety of different service projects in the Pioneer Valley area. They have built houses for Habitat for Humanity, worked at soup kitchens, and hosted hugely successful charity 5k’s.  The general consensus on the team, however, was that this latest excursion might have been their favorite. The lacrosse team had a great time giving back and looks forward to helping out at Book & Plow again.