IM Soccer

Welcome to IM Soccer 2013!  More organized, more enjoyable for everyone!

Tuesday and Thursday nights:  Indoor 6 v. 6

Also, stay tuned for weekend midday full-field 11 v. 11 tournaments outside on the turf!

**The new rules regarding Triple-E have disallowed any athletic activity at night until the first hard frost this fall, so this is our solution!

Please email Bob Cook with any questions.


Important Additional information:

1.  Teams must attend all games.  If a team knows they cannot make a game, they must email Bob Cook at least 24 hours in advance of the game time.

2.  There is no limit to the number of players on a team roster or that can be present for a game; however, only 6 players can play on the field at a time.

3.  Any student is allowed to play on any team (no Co-Ed rules).

 Please complete the form below to register your team.  Team Captians need to submit your rosters to Bob Cook no later than Thursday, September 19.   Rosters MUST INCLUDE fist and last name, gender, and year of graduation or college department.


 Register Team

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