Intramural Softball

Softball Format and Rules - Spring 2013

1. No alcohol is permitted at Intramural games. This includes kegs.  Commissioners and referees have the authority to call a game if this policy is breached.  In the event of a second breach, the team will be ejected from the league.

2. All participants must be listed on a roster. If a team is playing with a non-roster player, it is an automatic forfeit.

3. A participant can be on only one roster per league.

4. If a team does not have at least seven players, the team forfeits. If both teams do not have enough players, it is a double forfeit. When a forfeit occurs, the competing teams can choose to play anyway, though the result will not count towards the standings (the forfeit is still in effect). The teams can redistribute players, play a man down and/or pick up non-roster players.

5. Each game will be six innings long with the Away team batting first. In between innings, please share gloves with the opposing team if they do not have enough. Umpires can decide to call a game because of weather conditions. If three complete innings have been played, the game is official. If less than three innings have been played and the game gets called, it is considered a rainout and will be rescheduled and start from scratch.

6. In the event that the score is tied at the end of six innings, extra innings will be played. If at the end of nine innings the game is still tied, it will be recorded as a tie (to avoid schedule conflicts). If a game's duration exceeds one hour and fifteen minutes, then the game will be called after the home team finishes their next at bat.

7. Ten Run Rule - Both the advanced and intermediate leagues have a "ten run rule" in effect. If after four or five complete innings a team is ahead by ten runs or more, the game is over.

8. Pitches must be thrown underhand and reach heights of six to eight feet. Pitches thrown under six feet high are "flat" balls; pitches thrown above eight feet high are "high" balls. In order for a pitch to be a called strike, the pitch must meet the height rules, and also bounce off some part of home plate.

9. Batters’ counts start with one strike (two strikes and you're out). There are no walks, but if a pitcher is struggling to throw decent pitches, they should be polite and switch pitchers. Referees can require a team to switch pitchers.

10. The "field of play" will be decided by the IM Commissioners at the start of the season. This will describe what is "in play," what situation is a home run, and what is a ground rule double.

11. No arguing with umpires/referees. They are students, not real softball officials. Ejections will be administered accordingly and may result in suspension from the remainder of the intramural season.

12. No leading or stealing! – Base runners MUST keep at least one foot in contact with the base until the batter makes contact with the ball. If a batter does not make contact, the base runner is not permitted to advance bases.

13. Bats, balls, and bases are provided. Gloves are NOT provided. You must bring your own glove.