Spring Tennis Intramurals

Tennis Format and Rules - Spring 2013

Regular season matches will be played on the tennis courts near the bike path. In case of rain, matches may either be moved into the cage, pending its availability, or be rescheduled for another day. If the match must be rescheduled it is up to the involved participants to determine a suitable day and time, but it must occur prior to either participant's next match. If the match is not played it will be considered a double forfeit. Please be cognizant of daylight constraints and be on time for matches played in the evenings.

All matches will be played as singles matches and will be the best of three sets.  Playoffs will follow the regular season for the top playersin each league and will occur the week after the regular matches conclude. Additional information will be sent out before the playoffs begin.

Matches will be scheduled on weekday evenings to follow varsity practices. However, if another time is more convenient for both participants, the match can be played at any time on the day in which the match was scheduled. If one player does not show up for the match it will be considered a forfeit. 

There will be no officials available to score matches; it will be expected that you call all points fairly and honestly. All standard tennis rules apply.

The ‘home’ player is responsible for reporting results as well as any matches postponed due to weather. Report all scores and changes to sclegg12@amherst.edu. Scores will be posted on IMLeagues once they are reported. Please be sure to check for any inconsistencies.

Limited equipment is available from the Athletic Equipment Room, but it is best if you provide your own.

All participants are expected to display courtesy and sportsmanship toward all opponents.