Rules - Winter 2013

1) The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages at Intramural events or on the Athletic Department grounds is strictly prohibited.  A breach of this rule is punishable by expulsion from the league.

2) All participants must be listed on a roster. If a team is playing with a non-roster player, it is an immediate forfeit. A participant can be on only one roster.

3) If a team does not have at least three players, the team forfeits. If both teams do not have enough players, it is a double forfeit. When a forfeit occurs, the competing teams can choose to play anyway though the result will not count towards the standings (the forfeit is still in effect). The teams can redistribute players, play a man down, and/or pick up non-roster players.

4) Teams will play the best of three games to 15 points, but will be held to one hour of playing time.

5) Only the team in possession of the ball can score, i.e., the team serving.

6) On serves, if the ball skims the net, and is then scored, the point will be counted.

7) A ball cannot be passed more than three times on one side.

8) Out of bounds will be considered the black court outlines in Alumni Gymnasium.

9) Respect the referee's decisions and no arguing their calls - referees make all final calls.

10) Absolutely no black-soled shoes in the gymnasium.

Volleyball Schedule/Results

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