About Us

Our Team

Our team is like a big family. On average, we usually have about 40 members - which sounds like a lot until you realize that the team is broken down into Men's and Women's teams as well as Varsity and Novice - not to mention coxswains (the people who steer and command the boat on the water). Anyone can row, and anyone can be a great rower. If you take the sport seriously - and we do - you can turn yourself into a world-class athlete. Coxswains are equally vital to the team's success as rowers and they too become great athletes. And since most of us never rowed, or coxed, before we came to college, we know what it is like to jump in the deep end with a brand new sport on top of coming to a brand new school. Of course, rowing isn't everyone's bag, but if you get hooked, it's a blast. (Psst. We don't practice in the morning, either. Usually.)

Our Program

In the past three years Amherst Crew has emerged as one of the top small college programs in New England. Every senior on last year's team graduated as a decorated athlete. We train hard, and expect success; usually, we're pleased with our results. Over the last two years we have also completely replaced our old fleet of boats - our house now holds six new Pocock HYPERCARBON™ K4 fours, one Vespoli Racer four,  and two Vespoli eights. We also have our own training room in Alumni Gymnasium that houses our own rowing machines - "ergs." With all this top-of-the-line equipment, we need athletes like you to take advantage of it!

Our Season

The crew season is year-round. In the fall, we compete in head races like The Head of the Snake, The Head of the Fish, and The Head of the Charles. The winter is geared toward training for Spring - we build endurance on the ergs and strength in the weight room. We often compete in indoor rowing events such as the CRASH-B erg sprints. The spring season is the most competitive; races are 2-kilometer sprints alongside as many as 5 other boats. We compete in a number of championship regattas including the New England Championships, and the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia.

Join Us

Have you ever thought about rowing? Neither had we...until we came to Amherst. And for most of us, rowing has changed our lives. Furthermore, most people participate in crew at the college level; to have to have the chance to row - to just give crew a try - is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So hi! We're the Amherst Crew team, and we want you to row with us. We hope this information about our team and our sport whets your appetite for rowing and that, perhaps, come autumn, you will join us.

To join the team all you really have to do is show up at our informational meeting for new rowers, which happens during the first week of school - we post signs, so don't worry. You can also come to meet the coaches and some of the varsity at the club fair (also during the first week of school). To find us at the club fair is easy: just look for the big boat. If you want to find out more about the team, you can e-mail Coach Bill Stekl at You may also call Bill at (413) 542-2323.