Amherst Wraps Season with Second at 2010 Little Threes

Johnston Zoomed
Ben Johnston won all four of his matches at the
2010 Little Three Championships.

AMHERST, MA – The Amherst College men’s golf team closed out the 2009-10 season this afternoon with a full day of action at the Hickory Ridge Country Club against NESCAC and Little Three archrivals Williams College and Wesleyan University. The three schools came together for the 2010 Little Three Championships, playing 36 holes of golf in cold and windy conditions.

On the day, Williams finished first by edging second-place Amherst 7 ½ to 4 ½, and cruising to an 11-1 win over Wesleyan. Amherst topped Wesleyan in convincing fashion 10 ½ to 1 ½, but could not recover from a 3-1 hole after the morning to challenge the Ephs for the title.

In the morning, the three rivals played 18 holes of alternate shot, two-player golf. In groups of six, the teams played through tough conditions, with Williams pulling out three of the four matches against Amherst, and taking a clean sweep over Wesleyan. Amherst’s pairing of Matt Parsons (Wilmette, IL) and Ben Johnston (New York, NY) earned two points for the Lord Jeffs, edging Alex Xu and Sowol Chang from Williams on the 18th for a one-up win.

After a break for lunch, the teams went out for 18 more holes of individual head-to-head match play against an opponent from each school. Play continued through short bursts of rain, and winds that dropped the temperatures into the 40s. Despite the weather, a number of players performed very well.

Johnston continued his steady play into the afternoon, winning both his afternoon matches with plenty of course still ahead of him. Johnston closed out his match against Wesleyan by taking an eight hole lead with just seven to play, before ending his bout against Williams up four holes with three to play. Also winning a pair of matches in the afternoon was rookie Alex Butensky (Farmington, CT). Butensky won his two matches four and three, and two and one over Williams and Wesleyan, respectively.

Playing in the final group was junior co-captain Trip Wray (Walpole, MA), taking on the top players from both Williams and Wesleyan. Wray took a seven hole advantage with six to play to win his match over Bob Camp from Williams, before having a put rim out on 18 to halve his bout against Wesleyan’s Pete Taylor.

Playing his final match for Amherst was senior co-captain Adam Shniderman (Fort Lauderdale, FL). The fourth-year leader paired with sophomore Mike Belkin (Needham, MA) to win one match in the morning, before splitting his matches in the afternoon.

Final Team Scores: Williams def. Amherst 7 ½ to 4 ½, Williams def. Wesleyan 11-1, Amherst def. Wesleyan 10 ½ to 1 ½


1) Parson/Johnston (W 1Up/ W 3&1)
2) M. Belkin/Shniderman  (L 5&4/W 5&4)
3) Wray/Colp (L 2&1/W 7&6)
4) N. Belkin/Butensky (L 5&4/L 1Down)

1) Trip Wray (W 7&6/Halved)
2) Nate Belkin (L 5&4/W 1Up)
3) Alex Butensky (W 4&3/W 2&1)
4) Adam Shniderman (L 3&2/W 4&3)
5) Ben Johnston (W 4&3/W 8&7)
6) Mark Colp (Halved/W 4&3)
7) Mike Belkin (L 2&1/W 3&2)
8) Matt Parsons (L 3&2/W 7&6)

1) Xu/Chang (W 2&1)
2) Wagner/Murray (W 7&5)
3) Camp/Sparks (W 6&4)
4) Killea/Ervasti (W 5&4)
1) Bob Camp (L 6&5)
2) Jack Killea (W 6&4)
3) Jake Wagner (W 2&1)
4) Jack Ervasti (W 4&3)
5) Wyatt Sparks (W 5&4)
6) Drew Murray (W 7&6)
7) Sowol Chang (W 2&1)
8) Alex Xu (W 8&7)


1) Beck/Salah
2) Levin/Kendall
3) Dereinzo/Alderman
4) Taylor/Ferraro
1) Pete Taylor
2) AJ Ferraro
3) Dan Derienzo
4) Charlie Alderman
5) Alex Levin
6) Eli Kendall
7) Jeff Beck
8) Tom Salah