Amherst Holds Clinic for Honorary Teammate and Friends

imageAMHERST, MA – On Friday, Apr. 16, members of the Amherst College men’s soccer team traveled to Fitchburg, Mass., to spend the afternoon with honorary teammate Michael Lanosa and some of his friends from the Saint Anthony School. Michael has been an honorary captain of the Lord Jeffs since he joined the Amherst family through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation in 2007.

The previous week marked Michael’s six-year anniversary of being cancer-free. Using that as inspiration, the team trekked to Michael’s school and ran a soccer clinic for some of his classmates, Cub Scout friends, and the general public.

During the event, the Amherst players instructed the youngsters on the fundamentals of soccer through drills, games and a full-field scrimmage. The last 15 minutes saw the kids going toe-to-toe with the Amherst students in a competitive game. Michael tended goal as an intimidating force while parents, coaches and local media watched and cheered on as the boys went back and forth in the action.

A post-game barbecue celebration followed the clinic. With Michael’s mother, Jan, on grill duties, everyone had a plate full of delicious food. The day ended in true form as Michael, wearing a Lord Jeff uniform over his tremendous heart and an ear-to-ear smile on his face, chanted, “One, two, three…Go Amherst!”

The day was very special for both Michael and the Amherst team. The players and coaching staff look forward to any chance they have to spend time with Michael. “He is a true inspiration to everyone surrounding him, but specifically to our team,” says Amherst head coach Justin Serpone. “He has been one of our biggest supporters and most important team members.”
The Amherst men’s soccer team would like to thank Saint Anthony’s School in Fitchburg for allowing us to come and be a part of a great day. We thank everyone for their continued support of Michael and his family and the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. You are the man, Michael! We look forward to seeing you on the sideline with us this fall.

Check out a gallery of images from the clinic, and read more from a local Fitchburg newspaper.