Student Government (AAS)

2-19-15 Senate Election

2-19-15 Senate Election    
Thank you for voting. The elected candidates' names are in bold
Raymond  H. Meijer 120  votes 43%
Thomas  B. Moore (Blake) 89  votes 32%
Lynndy  N. Smith 55  votes 20%

5-7-14 Senate Meeting Roll-Call Votes

    overturning JC ruling of 5/7 (pass) impeach President Amani Ahmed (fail) reconsider overturning JC ruling of 5/7 (pass) revote: overturning JC ruling 5/7 (fail)
Peter Crane          
Rama Hagos   yes no no yes
KC Fussell   yes no no yes
Kyra Ellis-Moore   yes no no yes
Marie Lambert   yes no no yes
Sheron Torho   yes no no yes
Blaine Werner   yes no yes no
Claire Jia          
Tomi Williams   yes no yes yes
Virginia Hassell   yes no no yes
Tierney Werner          
Ali Rohde          
Sam Keaser   yes no    
RJ Kermes   yes no yes yes
Johnathan Appel   yes no yes yes
Richard Park   yes no yes yes
Siraj Sindhu   yes no yes no
Katarina Cruz Padilla   no no yes no
Chico Kosber   no no yes no
Tobi Oni-Orisan   no no yes no
Sophie Delfeus   no no yes no
David Zhang   yes no no no
Olivia Pinney   yes no yes no
Karen Blake   no no yes no