Student Government (AAS)

April 18, 2012

Judiciary Council Ruling, April 18, 2012

Acting JC Chair: Andrew Herrera’14

Voting JC Members: Matthew Hartzler ’13, Andrew Herrera ’14, Allan Landman ’14, AlexSouthmayd ’15, Christina Won ‘15


A complaint was filed on the morning of April 18, 2012 at 12:47 AM, alleging a violation of
Article V, Section H, Clause 4 of the AAS Constitution.


The JC unanimously agreed that the complaint was invalid.

The clause in question prohibits “signs, posters, and printed material regarding a referendum

or election...within 25 feet of Valentine on the day of voting.” The clause also prohibits such

materials from being present within 25 feet of the Computer Center, computers located in Frost

Library and Merrill Science Library, and the public computer in the Keefe Campus Center on

the day of the election. The JC agreed that the original intent of the clause as far as it pertains to

Valentine was to prohibit aggressive campaigning near the voting area when Valentine served as

the voting location at a time when physical ballots were the means of voting. As voting has since

taken place online, the JC agreed that, although the rationale and spirit of the clause pertaining

Valentine made the clause relevant at the time of ratification, the clause is no longer relevant due

to the change in voting medium.

According to Article V, Section I, Clause 3 of the Constitution, “A valid elections complaint

must have the potential to affect the outcome of the election and must fall within the prescribed

powers of the Judiciary Council.” For the aforementioned reasons, the complaint was invalid,

and furthermore neither had the potential to affect the outcome of the election nor fell within the

prescribed powers of the Judiciary Council.