Student Government (AAS)

BC Funding Guidelines and Policies_2014-2015.pdf

How to get funding:

1. Read through the attached guidelines and see if your request fits our funding criteria.

2. If it fits (no harm if you are unsure), submit an online request before each Wednesday noon.

3. Come to the BC meeting on Thursday of the same week, 7:30PM at Paino. Ask a friend or BC member to represent you if you can't come.

4. BC hears the request on Thursday, and decides if we recommend or zero the request.

5. If BC recommends, wait till the next Senate meeting (usually the following Monday) when Senate approves BC allocations, only after this can you spend the money allocated. Check allocations here.

6. To use the AAS Debit Card for online transactions or hotel booking, please email Alternatively, submit a check request with receipt if you paid upfront.

Check Request Form

7. We reimburse in the form of check when check request form and documentations are deposited at Morrow 020. We do not issue cash, neither do we issue reimbursement without documentations.

8. Please click here for coach and student payment forms and procedure.

Thanks, and feel free to reach out at if you have questions.

Hope the above helps,

Hao Liu, AAS Treasurer

Funding Guidelines Flowchart

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Paying People

Type of Person to Pay Forms Necessary (in addition to a check request)
Amherst College Student

Student Appointment Form
All Relevant Tax Documents Submitted to
Office of Financial Aid (if not already done)

Contract for Services 

Coach/Instructor Casual Coach Agreement (must bear the Treasurer's signature prior to
submitting to the Office of Human Resources) 
Coach/Instructor (with own business) Consultant Agreement
Non-Amherst College Student (one-time payment)
i.e. DJs, guest speakers 

W-9 form
Contract for Services