Meeting Space and Office Hours

BC Meetings

Weekly BC meetings are held every Thursday at 7:30pm in Paino Lecture Hall. The BC also meets on Monday nights at 8:00pm before the AAS Senate meeting in the Cole Assembly Room (Red Room) of Converse Hall to hear last minute Discretionary requests. 

Office Hours and Location

The Office of the Treasurer is located at Morrow 020, down the hall from the QRC in the basement of Morrow Dormitory. This is where you will drop off all check request forms, so that we can process payment or reimbursement in a timely manner.

Office Hours are held by appointment with the Treasurer, a member of the Office Staff, or a BC member, for clarification on questions regarding check requests in process or to schedule a time to use the AAS credit card for large, online purchases. To scheulde a meeting time, please email