Student Government (AAS)

About Us!

Office of the AAS Treasurer and BC Committee

THE Office of the AAS Treasurer

The Treasurer handles the day-to-day financial operation of the student body as well as the overall operation of the budget of the AAS. The Treasurer executes the decisions of the Senate and the Budgetary Committee.

Treasurer's Office Hours

The Treasurer, Abigail Xu, holds office hours in the Office of the Treasurer located in Morrow 020. Office hours are an ideal time for clubs to come in for clarification on questions regarding Check Requests currently in process or to reserve the AAS credit card for online purchases.

To schedule a meeting time, go to the following link:'s_Office_Hours

You will need to create a student account in order to access the treasurer's schedule. Once you create an account, you must log in as a superuser.

To create an account follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the web address for Abigail Xu's Office Hours
  • You will be directed to a login page 
  • Enter your amherst e-mail address, which is verified to be within the correct domain
  • Enter in the required information 
  • After you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • Click the link in the email to activate your login name
  • Now you can access Abigail's schedule for office hours and reserve a spot!

If you have additional questions, email Abigail Xu at or call the AAS Office at 413-542-5448 during office hours.

The Budgetary Committee

Who We Are:

The Budgetary Committee (BC) is an eight-member group of AAS Senators designated by the AAS Constitution to oversee the finances of the student body. 

What We Do:

The BC makes recommendations to the Senate on weekly requests for discretionary funding and on biannual club budget allocations. 


  • Discretionary Fund Requests must be submitted by Tuesday noon of the week the request is considered. The BC will consider it that Wednesday evening, and the Senate will make the final allocation on Monday. Check Requests can be processed starting the Tuesday after the AAS meeting.
  • Clubs are encouraged to have met with a BC member during office hours to review their budget before submitting the discretionary form online. Clubs that have met with a BC member during office hours are not required to attend the BC meeting - the BC member they spoke wiuth will present on their request.
  • Bi-Annual Club Budgets for AAS-recognized groups are considered in October and in April, according to the Budgetary Calendar set by the Treasurer.
  • Check Requests for allocated funds are processed Thursday (if completed documentation is received by Wednesday) and sent on Monday to campus boxes or to designated addresses.


  • The BC meets every Wednesday at 9:30PM in the Cole Assembly Room (Red Room) in Converse Hall
  • The Senate meets in the Cole Assembly Room (Red Room) in Converse Hall every Monday at 8:30 pm.
  • The Office of the Treasurer (where Check Requests are submitted) is located in the basement of Morrow Dorm, Morrow 020.


Abigail Xu '15      

BC Members

Marie Lambert '15
Bryson Kacha '15
Hao Liu '16
RJ Kermes '16
Richard Park '16
Karen Blake '17
Katarina Cruz Padilla '17
David Zhang '17
 At-Large Members:
Tiffany Wong '16

For a list of the Budgetary Committee Members responsible for particular organizations, please find it here.

For all Master General Groups, Abigail Xu '15, the Treasurer, is the representative.

For all groups that have not been AAS-recognized and/or are new, Abigail Xu '15, the Treasurer, is the representative.