Only those organizations that sent a representative to the Semester Budgetary Process Meeting in September and are AAS-recognized can submit a Semester Club Budget.You must meet with your BC Represenative prior to submitting a budget. Proposals submitted without said meeting will not be considered. You can find out who your BC Rep is here: Club Rep List Fall 2012-Spring 2013

All Fall 2013 Budget Proposals are due on Wednesday April 10th, 2013 at 11:59PM (Midnight).

For an example of what a Semester Club Budget Proposal should look like, please take a look here.

Any administrative questions (i.e. deadlines, process, etc.) relating to proposal submission can be directed to Abigail Xu, the treasurer, at

Line Items:

List all of the line items you will be requesting, each on a separate line.  Use parentheses for descriptions of the line items.  For events, please provide a date or date range for when the event is anticipated to take place. For club sports, please provide dates of all tournaments and anticipated practice information. For example:

Registration fees for Conference x (we will be attending conference X to learn about Y and give a presentation.  It will take place on December 2nd at Boston College) - $250

Signs for a rally (we will be attending a rally supporting X) - $20

Please fill out the form below. Remember that the form is due by 11:59PM (MIDNIGHT) on WEDNESDAY APRIL 10th!



Fall 2013 Club Contact Information
Please use the "Events" area to provide event budgets and details about the event. Please use the "Line Items" area to request items not related to an event: i.e. coach's salary
Please provide detailed event information including line items, dates, etc.
Line Items
Please use the format: Item, $Amount      i.e: uniforms, $452.25
Please use this box to provide any details you feel necessary. For example, provide us with details about the qualifications your coach possesses. Also use this box for line items if you run out of space.

Enter the characters shown in the image or use the speaker icon to get an audio version.