Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you're looking for, however, please contact

Funding Questions

Can I come to the BC meeting? Yes. We meet every Thursday at 7:30pm in Converse 207. We also have a brief funding meeting on Monday from 8:00pm–8:30pm in the Cole Assembly Hall (Red Room). 

Those times do not work with my schedule. What should I do? You're in luck! The Budgetary Committee allows the Treasurer or a  BC member to represent a student organization. Reach out to or a familiar BC member to brief him/her on your request. Please be aware that the Treasurer or BC member will be held to the same standard as any other student on campus with regards to funding policies. It's best to have a club representative present your request if possible. 

How do I get funding? Please read through this.

I'd like to host an event next week. What are the deadlines? All event planning must follow the appropriate timetables, as specified here and here. If your event does not follow these timetables, you must reschedule your event.

Questions about Regularly Funded Items

I forgot to allocate money for Intro Meeting Food. Since it's something that you regularly fund anyway, can you please reimburse me? No. Even though it is a regularly funded item, you must still have the funding approved by the BC and the Senate before spending money and requesting for reimbursement. No ex-post facto funding! 

My club wants to attend a conference and we'd like to use the AAS credit card to buy the tickets. They are $115 a person. When can we meet? We can't. All tickets and conference fees must be below $100 a person, especially since the AAS credit card will be used. Contact the conference coordinators to plan an alternative method of payment, by which the AAS will only fund $100 per person.

I'd like to request $100 for food for discussion at my club's meeting, and it's integral to the event because otherwise no one would come to the meeting. I know I already was funded my $50 for discussion food. Can you please fund me? No. All food allocations follow the AAS's funding guidelines strictly. Besides, you don't need food at an event to make interested people want to come.

Reimbursement Questions

I don't have a receipt but I spent money for some supplies and I'd like reimbursement. Can you please reimburse me? No. We need receipts to accompany all check requests. Contact the vendor and request a copy of the old receipt.

I forgot to fill up the AAS van before driving to the Holyoke Mall and it ran out of gas so I filled it up myself. Can you please reimburse me? No. Personal outlays for gasoline will not be reimbursed. Gas must be filled up using the gas card on the van's key ring at any Gulf station, so there shouldn't be a reaosn for you to have to make a personal payment for gas.

Honoraria Questions

The BC didn't tell me that I had to come back to request the second half of my guest's honorarium. I expect you to pay the honorarium in full. Can you issue payment in full? No. We will issue payment for what was allocated. The BC and AAS are not liable for any honorarium that is not allocated in the budget, as specified here and here, and as was told to you during the mandatory funding meeting in September.

My performer, who is coming next week, requested payment immediately after his/her performance. Can I submit my check request form on Tuesday and you have it ready by Thursday? No. All checks require at least two weeks for processing, and performance honoraria usually need more time because those checks require extra signatures. We will mail your check to the performer if you decide to submit your forms late.

My guest speaker used to be an employee of the College before moving away. Can you just use the W-9 you have on file? No. The Treasurer's Office does not have access to College W-9s. Besides, if your guest moved away, then your guest's information on the W-9 has changed and we will need an updated version.

Guest Speaker/Performer Hotel Questions

I was just allocated funding for an event in four weeks (or more!) and I'd like to book hotel rooms and a flight for my guest ASAP. Can we meet to do so? Yes, of course!

I need to cancel a room at The Lord Jeffery Inn. But if we can't cancel it, then can I stay at the Inn? No, you cannot stay at the Inn. If rooms are not cancelled two days before the date of arrival, then we will still have to pay the price of the hotel rooms as a cancellation fee.

I have a guest speaker coming tomorrow and I forgot to make hotel reservations for him/her even though the funding has been allocated. Can we meet ASAP to make the reservations? No. All hotel reservations must be made at least three weeks before the guest speaker comes to campus, no exceptions. Make the hotel reservation on your own and we will reimburse you up to what was allocated in the budget.

Payment and Check Questions

Can you please expedite my check? No. All checks require two weeks to process, so be sure to hand it in on time.

My vendor/guest speaker did not yet receive his/her check. Where is it? All check requests take two weeks to process. If it's after two weeks, then the check is in the mail and being sent to the address that you specified on your check request form. If they still haven't gotten it, then chances are you wrote down the wrong address on the check request form, or the check is floating around with the Postal Service or within the vendor's/speaker's offices. Follow up with, nevertheless.

I handed in my forms a while ago and my vendor/guest speaker has not been paid yet. What happened? We process all check requests as we receive them, and if there were any issues with it, we would have emailed you. Chances are you didn't actually submit the check request form. If you did, then the address that you wrote down on your check request form was incorrect or the check is floating around with the Postal Service or within the vendor's/speaker's offices.

You paid my vendor/guest speaker $x when they were supposed to be paid $y? We paid your guest according to what you specified on the check request form and what was specified in their invoice/contract; if what you specified exceeded what was allocated, then we paid the amount that was allocated. Please review our policy about this here and here.

(after semester ends) I have a check request form to pay a vendor/guest speaker. Can you please issue payment ASAP? No. All check requests are due two to three weeks before the end of the semester, with accommodations able to be made for events at the end of the semester. If the beginning of the next semester is within fifteen (for honoraria) or sixty (for all other vendors) days from the date of the performance, then we will pay the performer then; otherwise, it is your responsibility to issue payment, because all AAS deadlines must be followed. Next time, don't wait so long to submit a check request form.

We received funding from other departments (not the AAS) for an item, but we need payment immediately, so can you write out the check and the other departments can do a charge/credit into your Comptroller's account? Absolutely not. The Treasurer's Office only writes checks for items that are funded by the AAS.

AAS Credit Card Questions

My club is having an event and we need to buy food from Big Y. Can you please give me the AAS credit card? No. All credit card purchases must be made with the Treasurer or a member of the Treasurer's Office.

My club is having an event and we need to buy food from Big Y. A member of my club is in the AAS. Can you please give him/her the AAS credit card to use? No. All credit card purchases must be made with the Treasurer or a member of the Treasurer's Office.

My club is going to a conference this weekend and we still have to book hotel rooms. Can we use the AAS credit card for that? No. All requests to use the AAS credit card must be made at least two weeks before the date of arrival. Find an alternate way to pay for the hotel rooms and then we will issue reimbursement up to the amount that was allocated in the budget.

I'd like to set up a meeting to purchase some supplies for my club. Can we meet sometime next week? Yes, of course! Please fill out the AAS Credit Card Use Request Form to schedule a time to meet.