Student Government (AAS)

Check Request Form

After confirming your funding allocation via Semester Club Budget or Discretionary Fund Request, you can access your funds via the Check Request Form.

Please use the Budget spreadsheets to provide line items on your Check Request.

For example, the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team might be requesting registration fees from their own budget, item 2b. This would be signified by simply writing "2b". If this funding came from discretionary week 7, 2b, it would be signified with "Wk7-2b".

Not providing line items WILL delay the processing of your checks.

Make sure to have all itemized receipts or contracts attached to the form before submitting it to the AAS Budgetary Office for processing, which occurs every Friday with checks going out every Monday.

Please submit this by slipping it into the box on the door of the AAS administrative office in Morrow 020 (Morrow basement).

Check Request Form 2014-1573.77 KB

Necessary Forms According to Payee

Type of Person to Pay Forms Necessary (in addition to a check request)
Amherst College Student

Student Appointment Form
All Relevant Tax Documents Submitted to
Office of Financial Aid (if not already done)

Contract for Services 


1) Coach-Consulting Agreement with Appendix 

Consultant Agreement

2) W-9

3) General liability insurance (either business or personal) - Coversheet 


 Non-Amherst College Student (one-time payment)
i.e. DJs, guest speakers
 W-9 form
Contract for Services
Submission Procedure

When completed, drop all the forms with a check request to Morrow 020.

Re-Allocation Form

The Re-Allocation Form can be used to request a Re-Allocation of funds. Funds can be re-allocated only for like-items (i.e. Funds for cookies was requested, but the group wants to purchase pizza).

Re-Allocation decisions are made solely at the Treasurer's discretion.

Forms should be submitted by slipping it into the box on the door of the AAS administrative office in Morrow Basement.

Additionally, clubs should arrange to discuss the request with the Treasurer via e-mail or in person.

Contract for Services

The Contract for Services Form must be used anytime you pay someone for their services. If you submit a discretionary request without the appropriate contracts your request will be automatically rejected.

Student Appointment Form

This form must be submitted along with a check request to pay Amherst College students for services.

Consultant Agreement (Coaches/Instructors)

Please use this Consultant Agreement for coaches or instructors teaching or instructing the particular skills that your organization is making use of. For example, a dance instructor working for the Swing and Ballroom Club who owns his/her own dance studio off campus and are willing to have payment sent to the dance studio are eligible to use this form. Please drop the forms at Morrow 020 when completed.

Large Event Evaluation Form

The AAS is implementing a new Large Event Evaluation Policy to ensure the efficient and appropriate allocation of funds.

A completed evaluation is required for all events sponsored in full or partially by the Association of Amherst Students with budgets greater than $1000.00. Evaluations must be submitted to the AAS Budgetary Office within 14 days of the event’s completion. Failure to submit evaluations on time will jeopardize the group’s eligibility for further discretionary funding.