Student Government (AAS)

Forms and Paperwork

The Treasurer's Office requires different forms to be filled out for different reasons. Below are the forms necessary for each type of payment and each type of payee. All forms and documentation must be submitted to the Treasurer's Office, Morrow 020, upon completion.

Check Request Form

Check Request Forms are required for reimbursements, payments for invoices, and payments for honoraria.

Be sure to:

  1. Indicate the Semester during which the funding was spent (Fall 2015 or Spring 2016). This is especially important if you are accessing funding from a prior semester.
  2. Indicate if the funding is from your Club Budget or from the Discretionary Fund. If from the Discretionary Fund, look at a copy of the budget onine (under "Allocations and Budgets" on the left) and include the week number.
  3. Indicate the amount that was spent, not the amount that was allocated.

Check request forms are found here.

Check Request Form 2015-201676.39 KB

Here are some examples of how to fill out a check request form - although these do not show receipts/documentation, yours should!!

Re-Allocation Form

Re-allocation forms must be filled out when a club requests to change the allocation of items that have already been allocated. Funds can be re-allocated only for alike items. Re-allocation forms do not serve as check request forms. If you'd like payment to be made, submit BOTH a chek request form and a re-allocation form.

For example, say your club already had a $2000 honorarium for a speaker allocated. If that speaker does not end up coming to campus and you instead wish to bring another speaker to campus who charges a $3000 fee, fill out a re-allocation form and then request the remaining $1000 from the Discretionary Fund.

Re-allocation forms can be found here.

Re-Allocation Form11.58 KB

Here's an example of how to fill out a re-allocation form.

Re-Allocation Form Example96.43 KB

Honorarium Payment

Honorarium payment, or any payment to any person that will be counted as income (i.e. not a reimbursement and not payment of an invoice) requires three forms:

A Check Request Form

A Contract for Services

All communication information should be that of the Treasurer's Office: and (413) 542-5448, not personal email addresses and telephone numbers.

A W-9 Form

W-9 Form116.53 KB

Coach/Instructor Payment

Coach and instructor payment requires two forms:

A Consultant Agreement

A W-9 Form

(no check request form necessary!)