How Can I Use My Funding?

Now that the BC and AAS have allocated me funding, how can I actually get it and how can I actually use it? That's where the Treasurer's Office comes in.

The AAS will never provide funds to you upfront for any purchase - we will not write out a check to you before you make a purchase, because if the cost of your item is less than the amount of the check, then you will be profiting off of the AAS, and the AAS is unable to accept deposits to ameliorate this error.

The Treasurer's Office does not issue cash as payment.

The Treasurer's Office works best under a system of reimbursement, especially for the purchase of food and supplies. However, the Treasurer's Office will pay honoraria and vendor invoices (such as those for publications) directly. Hotel payments require special attention and time considerations. In a few exceptional cases for large, online purchases, the AAS has a credit card it can use on occasion to make purchases.

Please allow two weeks for the processing of all payment - plan ahead and make sure that you have submitted all documentation on time. All documentation is required to be submitted within sixty (60) days of purchase. Be sure to indicate the proper address, line items, and amounts for payment (so long as they are equal to or below what was allocated) on all check request forms. 

Please see the subpages in the menu on the left for more information about accessing funding.