The AAS has a credit card that can be used to make large, online purchases with a member of the Treasurer's Office. Although the Treasurer's Office functions primarily with reimbursements, the credit card can be used in some cases when the upfront cost of an item is too great for a student. Please note that the Treasurer's Office seeks to limit the use of the AAS credit card when possible.

The Treasurer's Office does not, cannot, and will not give out the AAS credit card to students for their use. All purchases must be made in the company of a member of the Treasurer's Office or the Treasurer. Members of the AAS do not have access to the AAS credit card.

All appointments to use the AAS credit card require at least one week prior notice, but appointments to use the AAS credit card for hotel bookings require at least two weeks prior notice.

To schedule an appointment to use the AAS Credit Card, please fill out this form.

The credit card can be used to pay for a club's hotel accommodations or to pay for supplies. When making credit card purchases, be mindful of the following:

  • All purchases must equal or be less than, in cost, of the amount of money that was allocated. One reason why reimbursement is the preferred method of payment is that it protects the AAS from overpaying funding allocations. If the cost of an item exceeds its budgetary allocation, then the payment will not be made using the AAS credit card. Reimbursements also minimize the risk of external parties knowing, and potentially gaining access to, the AAS's account information.
  • Be sure to put the items you plan to purchase in the website's shopping cart before meeting with a member of the Treasurer's Office. This saves your time in the Treasurer's Office and helps you ensure whether or not the cost of the item that you wish to purchase falls within its budgetary allocation.
  • When making online purchases, all receipts must be emailed to, and items cannot be shipped to the AAS's campus box. This eases logistics and ensures that the Treasurer's Office has proper documentation for all purchases made on the AAS credit card.
  • For all other purchases, receipts must be submitted to the box outside of Morrow 020. Failure to do so may limit your future use of the AAS credit card.

For information regarding the use of the AAS credit card with hotel room purchases and accommodations payments, please see "Payments for Hotels" in the menu on the left.