Account transfers are tricky. Do not make any arrangement to do internal charge/credits using the AAS's account with the Comptroller without first contacting the Treasurer.

Sometimes, when a club receives co-sponsorship for a payment from another department on campus, the most efficient way to make payment is for the department to do an internal charge/credit to the AAS's account with the Comptroller so that the AAS can remit payment to the vendor. Although making arrangements to do this is not ideal, it is possible, but be cautious of the following:

  • All account transfers require the permission and approval of the Treasurer. Students CANNOT grant permission on behalf of the Treasurer to make account transfers. All inquiries about account transfers should be made to
  • You don't know the AAS's account number. Not many people on campus do, so don't go to various academic departments and begin giving out a random account number, because it is a mess trying to clean up these mistakes.
  • The AAS cannot transer money out of its account; money can only be transferred in. This is why the Treasurer's Office writes out checks.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in consequenses for the club's future funding requests.