Payments for Hotels and Accommodations

Often, when organizations or club sport teams require hotels to be booked, they choose not to front the money and instead seek an alternative for the AAS to pay the bills directley. While this is possible, it requires you to plan ahead to ensure that payment can be made efficiently.

(However, many clubs choose to make hotel reservations for their conferences/competitions on their own. To be reimbursed, follow the same procedures as with other reimbursements.)

All appointments to use the AAS credit card for hotel bookings must be made at least two weeks before the date of arrival.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Make reservations early! The Treasurer's Office can much more easily pay for hotels via check than using the AAS credit card. Arrangements can be made with hotels to pay via check if the hotel is contacted in time (hotels usually need to receive the check one or two weeks before the date of arrival, so why wait?). Please remember that any request to use the AAS credit card for hotels within two weeks of the event will not be honored, as per the AAS's funding guidelines.
  • If you are trying to reserve more than three or four rooms, it may be best to contact the hotel directly and make a reservation through group sales. Doing so may also reduce the cost of the hotel per night.
  • Keep in mind that funding for hotel rooms must stay within $150 a night. If you choose to front the money and submit for reimbursement, the AAS will only cover hotel costs up to $150 per room per night. If you choose to have the AAS pay the hotel directly, we will not pay for hotel costs that exceed $150, so you will have to find another hotel whose price is within the $150 window.

For Guest Speakers and Performers - The Lord Jeffery Inn

Guest speakers and performers, if the club requests and secures funding for their accommodation in Amherst, must be sure to meet with a member of the Treasurer's Office to make hotel reservations at The Lord Jeffery Inn. All hotel reservations for guests, especially at The Lord Jeffery Inn, must be made at least three weeks prior to the guest's arrival. If a club fails to make reservations within three weeks, the club will have to find accommodations for the guests on their own and submit for reimbursement afterward; remember, only the amount allocated for reservations will be reimbursed.

Clubs must meet with a member of the Treasurer's Office to book hotel rooms at The Lord Jeffery Inn. Any club that contacts The Lord Jeffery Inn pretending to be the AAS Treasurer will face consequences for future funding requests.

(Please note that clubs can make reservations for guests at the Marriott or other hotels in Hadley on their own and submit for reimbursement. However, The Lord Jeffery Inn is a favorite of guests because of its proximity to campus.)