The Budgetary Committee will fund items intended to be disbursed as prizes for on-campus competition-based or raffle events. Events with prizes must meaningfully engage attendees. 

Prizes will be limited to $25 maximum each.

Each event will be allowed a maximum number of prizes based upon the expected attendance of the event:

One prize for an event with an expected attendance under 15 people

Two prizes for an event with an expected attendance between 15 and 30  people

Three prizes for an event with an expected attendance greater than 30 people

⁃ Each event is limited to a maximum of three prizes.

 Clubs can request prize funding a maximum of four times per semester.

What are the BC's Funding Policies?

What are the BC's funding policies, what is usually funded, and what won't the BC fund? Although the BC will hear any funding request for events and activities that are open to the entire campus community, the BC has a set of policies and guidelines that it strictly adheres to when awarding funding. These policies apply for every student group and organization, regardless if funding is granted in a club budget or through the Discretionary Fund. Be sure to secure all funding before inviting speakers to campus and planning your event, because the AAS does not fund or reimburse items on an ex post facto (after the fact) basis.

Below are the BC's Funding Policies and lists of the items that the BC regularly funds and items that the BC will not fund. Explanations of all Regularly Funded Items can be found in their appropriate subpages in the menu on the left, since each is governed by policies and procedures.

Funding Policies of the AAS

  • As outlined by the AAS Constitution, there is to be no discrimination in funding on the basis of any arbitrary criteria, all Amherst College students must be allowed to participate in the event or group, all events receiving AAS funding must be well publicized, and admission fees to events cannot be charged.
  • Ex post facto funding is strictly prohibited. All groups must have money allocated to them by the AAS Senate before spending it. There will be no reimbursement for groups violating this rule.
  • All funding requests for honorarium payment and hotel reservations must be made at least four weeks before the date of the event and date of arrival. Funding requests for all other events (ex. cooking nights, supplies purchase) must be made at least one week before the date of the event. The BC will not fund events that do not adhere to these guidelines. This is because the AAS Senate must approve all BC funding allocations during the Senate meeting that follows the BC meeting.
    • Only in exceptional cases will the BC "emergency fund" certain requests of up to $500, which can be made at the discretion of the Budgetary Committee without the approval of the Senate.
  • The AAS Credit Card Use Request Form must be submitted at least one week prior notice, but appointments to use the AAS credit card for hotel bookings for conferences/competitions must be made at least two weeks before the date of arrival.
  • All check request forms require two weeks for processing. Be sure to comply with these deadlines.
  • All appointments to make reservations at the Inn on Boltwood and to book travel must be made at least three weeks before the date of arrival.
  • All events must have a reasonably precise date and location planned before funding will be considered.
  • Re-allocation of allocated funds will be considered at the discretion of the Treasurer.
  • Each club and organization is required to keep track of their funding, to ensure that a group or organization does not over-request or request the same funds twice.
  • All receipts, invoices, and submissions for payment by the Treasurer's Office must be submitted via our online Check Request Form within sixty days of the date on the receipt or invoice. Otherwise, payment will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Clubs cannot access unused funding from prior semesters to be used in a current semester. The only case in which allocations from prior semesters can be used is if reimbursement is to be made or an invoice is to be paid, in which case the receipt/invoice must reflect a date from that prior semester and still be submitted within sixty days of the date on the receipt/invoice.
  • All appropriate timelines and deadlines must be adhered to by clubs or organizations, or funding and reimbursement will be denied.

Regularly Funded Items

  • Coaches and Instructors
  • Equipment and Supplies (including Uniforms and Decorations)
  • Food
  • Honoraria
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Parties and Powerhouse Events
  • Publicity
  • Registration Fees
  • Transportation

Items Not Funded

  • Giveaways and Raffles - Under no circumstances will giveaways such as t-shirts, buttons, etc. will be funded. Raffle items and raffle tickets are also not eligible for funding.
  • Charitable Causes and Events - The AAS will not fund any charitable donation to any organization. The BC suggests that clubs use the "suggested donation" model to generate revenue for such causes at benefit dinners, fundraisers, and other charitable events.
  • Political Donations - The AAS never funds political donations of any kind.