Coaches and instructors for club sports and activities can be paid for their rendered services. Keep in mind the following:

  • All coaches and instructors must fill out and submit both a W-9 form and a Consultant Agreement, which will stipulate the terms of payment.
  • Coaches and instructors are not usually paid more than $4500 a semester for their services; the BC must review all increases in coach salary pay that the club may request.
  • Coaches and instructors are paid through the College's payroll system, meaning that the later that clubs submit their coaches' and instructors' forms, the later they will be paid, because all paperwork is processed both by the Treasurer's Office and by the College.
  • Be sure to submit all forms directly to the Treasurer's Office in Morrow 020 (not to the Athletics Department or the Office of Student Activities) in a timely manner, so that your coach or instructor can be paid throughout the semester.
  • Coaches or instructors who will be invoicing the College must submit their invoices directly to the Athletics Department (if a club sport) or the Office of Student Activities (if an activity).