Within reason, the AAS will fund equipment that is relevant to an organization's or an event's activities. 

  • All equipment must be stored at the College. Before purchasing any equipment, be sure that storage is available when the equipment is not in use.
  • All equipment must be inventoried by the club, so that the AAS can remain aware of the equipment that has been purchased for student organizations. All requests by the AAS for inventory must be fulfilled.
  • The AAS will not purchase duplicate equipment items if another club on campus already has said equipment. If the AAS pays for equipment for one club, any other club or student group must have access to it.
  • The purchase of equipment for athletic and recreational activities must first be approved by the Athletics Department and the Office of Student Activities to assess the risk of students using such equipment to participate in dangerous activities. Failure to do so can result in reimbursment not being made if the purchase was made by a student, or payment not being made, if the organization wishes to use the AAS credit card.
  • Be sure to account for tax and shipping costs when making your funding request.

A note regarding uniforms: The AAS will not fund uniforms for club sports unless they are required by a league, and will not purchase new uniforms for a club for the sake of having new uniforms. Thus, clubs must keep any uniforms purchased for future use by the club in upcoming seasons.

A note regarding decorations: There is a $50 cap on decorations for events. Clubs are encouraged to purchase reusable decorations, to minimize the cost of decorations for each event, and to collaborate with other clubs about sharing decorations.