Food Funding

AAS will fund food only if it is integral and engaging for the event and adhere to the club's purpose

  1. Integral is defined as in the event cannot function without the food existing 

ALL requests must include a quote for the food the group intends to purchase.

  1. This amount will be up to $8 per expected student in attendance
    1. The BC will use discretion when evaluating these requests.
    2. The AAS will not fund food for off-campus events.
    3. Even integral food will be capped at $300, if the club size exceeds 75 attendees (attendees are regular attendees that show up to events, not people on the mailing list) 
  2. Qualifications for an event:
    1. Events must be publicized on the Amherst Hub (Facebook, posters, etc. are encouraged)
    2. If the event is not publicized, the BC can withhold food funding from the next event.
    3. Reach out to your BC rep regarding publicity needs.
    4. Events are not regular club meetings or gatherings.
    5. Events must occur in an accessible space (except under extenuating circumstances). 
    6. Events planned by multiple clubs in collaboration must approach the Committee jointly, with one or more representatives presenting on behalf of all involved parties. 

AAS will fund small snacks to encourage attendance at weekly meetings 

  1. This amount will be no more than $2 per expected student in attendance
    1. This funding will be limited at no more than four meetings per semester 
    2. This funding will be capped at $50 
  2. This funding will be limited to no more than four meetings per semester
  3. This funding will only be eligible for RSOs (Registered Student Organizations)
  4. AAS will fund Hallmark events.
    1. Hallmark food has a per-student cap. For Hallmark funding, there must be demonstrated interest from the Amherst community. These events must be carefully vetted by the BC committee and the AAS before approval (e.g. reserved space, number of attendees, date, time).
  5. AAS will strongly encourage clubs to purchase sustainable materials rather than single-use disposables (e.g. Reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles)

AAS will also fund: 

  1. $50 for Intro Meeting Food - each club will receive this amount for their introductory meeting/first meeting of the semester.

The BC and AAS will not fund:

  • Homecoming food
  • Food for internship panels
  • Food for tabling

The AAS has set these standards and guidelines to prevent clubs from requesting "food for food's sake" and to ensure that AAS funds are being used responsibly and appropriately. Not all events require food for the event to be successful!

The BC reserves the right to define whether or not your food request is necessary for your event.