Clubs, such as groups attending multi-day conferences or teams representing Amherst in a league, division, or other inter-collegiate competitive event or tournament, can receive hotel funding for up to $150 per room per night - this $175 includes tax, with each room housing four persons. In the event that five people require lodging, it is AAS policy to fund one room for all five people.

If a group is required to leave "unreasonably early" in order to arrive at their destination on time, funding will be considered for hotels for the evening before their competition, conference or event.

"Unreasonably early" shall be defined by the following formula:

Start Time - 90 minutes of Warm Up/Parking - Travel Time determined by Google Maps = Before 5:00am

Some notes about Hotel funding:

  • Make reservations early! The Treasurer's Office can much more easily pay for hotels via check than using the AAS credit card. Arrangements can be made with hotels to pay via check if the hotel is contacted in time (hotels usually need to receive the check one or two weeks before the date of arrival, so why wait?). Please remember that any request to use the AAS credit card within one week of the event will not be honored, as per the AAS's funding guidelines.
  • Funding for hotel rooms must stay within $175 a night. There are a few reasons why a hotel will not be within $175 a night:
    • You didn't book the hotel room early enough. Hotel room prices increase as you approach the date of your stay. The BC encourages all clubs to request funding for hotel rooms and make reservations as early as possible - there's no need to wait until the week before your stay! 
    • You are staying at the conference hotel. Hotels will charge a premium for the guests of the conference to stay at that hotel; there's no reason to do that. In most, if not all, cases, students can stay at an alternative nearby hotel within $175 a night.
    • You are staying at a hotel in the middle of New York City or Boston. There's no reason to do that, especially if you have transportation or an AAS van and can drive from a hotel 20 minutes away to the location of the event! Staying at a hotel in New Jersey or the suburbs of Boston will increase your likelihood of staying within the $175 window.
  • If you choose to front the money and submit for reimbursement, the AAS will only cover hotel costs up to $175 per room per night. If you choose to have the AAS pay the hotel directly, we will not pay for hotel costs that exceed $175, so you will have to find another hotel whose price is within the $175 window.
  • If you are trying to reserve more than three or four rooms, it may be best to contact the hotel directly and make a reservation through group sales. Doing this may also reduce the cost of the hotel per night.

For information on lodging and accommodations for speakers and performers, please see "Honoraria" in the menu on the left.