Powerhouse Events

With the addition of the Powerhouse, Amherst students now have another space in which they can host a variety of events that are open to the student body. These could range from concerts to spoken word performances to other events that are held throughout the school year.

It is important to contrast Parties and ConcertsParties specifically refer to a social event, usually themed, for which there is a celebration of something and the musical artist is not the main selling point of an event. Parties can be held in a variety of places, including O'Connor Commons, Lipton Basement, and the Powerhouse. Concerts will usually feature a headlining musical guest and are much more accessible to the Amherst community, without a particular theme and usually occurring in the Powerhouse.

When requesting funding for your event, keep in mind the distinction between a Party and a Concert. The BC reserves the right to identify your event as a Party or a Concert.


Concerts and Performances

A concert will headline a musical guest, who will be paid like any other honorarium. Performances will headline someone or a group exhibiting a form of art, music or dance. Please see our policies pertaining to honoraria for details about funding.


Honorarium rules for external DJs apply and will be capped at a maximum of $500.