To increase awareness and visibility of events so that all students are well informed of the activities sponsored by the AAS, the BC will fund Publicity (if desired) for each event. Events will receive $20 for on-campus and/or Five-College publicity campaigns. 

Publicity comes in many forms, from Facebook events to posters to table tents at Valentine Dining Hall. When in doubt, the more publicity, the better! Remember, all AAS funded events must be open to all students of the College, and, as such, all AAS funded events must be recognized as such in your publicity materials by saying "Sponsored by the AAS". An efficient way to get posters and table tents is to go to the Office of Administrative Services (OAS) in the basement of College Hall. 

When using the OAS website, simply reference the specific line item (ex: Club Soccer, Discretionary week 6, 2a) and OAS will charge the AAS account directly. 

Publicity on The Hub:

To further centralize online publicity going forward, BC will be enforcing use of the HUB online calendar for all AAS-sponsored events. This will be a one-stop location for students to see all events happening in a given day or week.

Posting in The Hub events calendar is required within 48 hours after receiving funding for an event, and will be necessary in order to receive reimbursement / direct payment from the Treasurer’s Office.

E-Boards must be updated on The Hub.