AAS Transportation Funding

  1. The AAS will fund transportation based on the following criteria:
  2. The AAS will only provide transportation funding to AAS funded events
  3. The AAS will not fund transportation to events that accessible through the PVTA
  4. The AAS will not fund flights
  5. Travel events that are not integral to club operation will not be funded 

Gas Reimbursement

  1. The BC will allocate up to 20 cents per mile for a personal vehicle and 30 cents for a van, then reimburse for submitted receipts. Make sure that you keep your receipts! Fill up before you go and when you get back. 


  • The BC requires quotes for the cost of transportation to properly evaluate requests. 

Ideallyany student group who requires transportation for an event or competition will be able to use one of the AAS Vans as transportation, to eliminate the need to fund or reimburse transportation costs. Since the AAS Vans are very quickly requested for use by the student body, the BC urges all clubs to make any van requests as soon and as early as possible. The BC does not have the authority to change the van schedules to appease a club.

Money allocated for transportation can be used for gas costs, Zipcars, etc. Any money spent outside of these amounts will not be reimbursed.

The AAS Vans should be filled up with gasoline at any Gulf station using the gas card that is attached to each van's key ring. The closest Gulf station is the Cumberland Farms gas station at 35 Belchertown Road, which is down Route 9 East in the direction opposite of the Target shopping plaza and the town center. You can fill up for gas at any Gulf station. Any other personal payments for gasoline at any other gas station will NOT be reimbursed by the AAS.

For information about transportation for speakers, performers, and guests of the College, please see "Honoraria" in the menu to the left.