How Can I Get Funding For My Event?

How do I budget for an event, how can I secure funding for an event, and what are the some timetables to secure funding that I can use when planning my event? These are three very important questions when considering planning an event or making a purchase using AAS funds.

In the menu tabs on the right, choose between the appropriate subpages:

In Budgeting, you will learn about the necessary items needed for a budget request, depending on the type of request and what you will be requesting.

In Securing Funding, you will learn about how to secure funding from the BC and other sources of funding at Amherst.

In Timetables, you will learn about the time frames needed to request funding. Follow these closely; requesting earlier is always better than requesting last minute, and depending on the scope of the event, you will need to request funds earlier than you may think.