What Are Some Timetables To Secure Funding?

Planning events, purchases, and funding requests is always about planning ahead. There is never any harm in coming to the BC at the beginning of the semester to request funding for all events, honoraria and hotel accommodations for the entirety of the semester, so that you can get the ball rolling with making hotel and travel reservations and processing check request forms on time.

However, coming to the BC last minute can cause complications for funding; the cost of hotels and travel will increase each day, and the AAS and Office of Student Activities may not be able to figure out all logistics for your event. Although the BC and AAS was accommodating in the past for last minute funding requests and check requests, the BC will no longer hear last minute requests for funding, and all requests with an honorarium payment and hotel accommodation must follow the minimum time frame set by the sample timetable in the menu to the left.

The menu to the left shows the timetable for requesting money from BC, the timetable for processing checks through the Treasurer's Office, and the sample timetable that must be followed for all event funding requests with an honorarium payment and hotel accommodation.