Student Government (AAS)

Discretionary Fund Request

The Association of Amherst Students and its Budgetary Committee is excited to fund events organized by individuals of non-AAS recognized organizations and by the Amherst College student body at large, and will consider your request at its weekly meeting so long as your proposed event is in compliance with:

  1. The BC Accessibility Policy (Event/group must allow all Amherst College students to participate)
  2. The BC Non-Discrimination Policy (Cannot discriminate on the basis of arbitrary criteria, as outlined in the AAS Constitution)
  3. The BC Awareness Policy (Publicity of the event/group is mandatory)
  4. The BC Admittance Policy (Cannot charge for participation or admission)

Directions: Complete this form by giving a detailed explanation of your request for discretionary funding and an itemized budget (line items, below). Be sure to include targeted attendance, estimated participation, reasons why you do not have enough funding currently (if you are a BC funded club), experience planning similar events and an explanation of the value of the event to Amherst College. Include additional info (for example, a biography of the speaker) if possible and appropriate BC paperwork (contract if applicable).

(if applicable)
List Line Items
List the items in your request in the following format:   Uniforms, $250.03
Enter the characters shown in the image or use the speaker icon to get an audio version.

Discretionary Requests Schedule


In order for a request to be heard by the Budgetary Committee each Thursday, the form below must be submitted by 12:00 NOON on the Wednesday before the meeting.

The club submitting the request can chose to meet with a BC member during Office hours to talk through their request before the BC weekly meeting on Thursday. If a club does this, they DO NOT have to attend the BC meeting.

Club leaders are no longer required to attend the BC meeting to make their funding request if they have spoken with a BC member during office hours - the BC member spoken to during office hours will represent the request to the rest of the Budgetary Committee. 

If the request heard at the BC meeting was contentious, the BC will advise the club leader to on whether or not to come to the Senate meeting the subsequent monday to represent their club.

For non-contentious request, club leaders can simply check online to see if their request was approved on Tuesday morning.