Senate 2012-2013 Projects

Senate Projects 2012-2013

Every Senator must complete at least one Senate Project before the end of their term in order from them to be able run again the next year. This page will give students an opportunity to see what AAS Senators have been working throughout the year in their Senate Projects.

John Yarchoan '13

John’s senate project was late-night Val, which he spearheaded this year by working with Charlie Thompson and Dining Services.  There have 3 events so far this spring, with 2 more scheduled.  There were 5 total events in the fall.


Risalat Khan '13

Risalat’s Senate Project was an "Academic Planner" tool that is designed to help students plan courses for all their semesters at Amherst, and access information about different departments in a concise and standardized manner. He has met with many parties, and the idea has been endorsed by the administration. It will be developed by IT and incorporated into the website, but when exactly it will be completed is not fixed. Shruthi Badri and Sam Keaser will continue to work on it next year.

Matt Debutts '14

Matt’s first Senate Project was the Election Night Watch Party in Keefe. This happened in early November.

Joseph Kim '14

Joseph Kim made laptop chargers available for check-out at Frost Library and the Computer Center in Seeley Mudd for students to check out. 

Chris Friend '14

Chris’s Senate Project was the Election Night Watch Party in Keefe. This event took place in early November.

Bryson Kacha '14

Bryson’s senate project was starting a newsletter for the class of 2015 which would report what senators had been up to at the end of semester or year. He got the design done though simple--was thinking of hiring a pro designer--and got a few "reports" from past senators but not all of the 8. The idea was received with mixed responses from senators but was on the overall welcomed. 

JJ Hoffstein '14

JJ sought and received the Senate's approval to send a letter that he authored on behalf of the student body to Police Chief John Carter asking him to lift the Winter Parking Ban in the area behind the Socials. Although he lobbied hard for what seemed to him to be a “no-brainer” adjustment to the Winter Parking Ban, Chief Carter responded saying that he was unable to accommodate the request.


Andre Wang '14

Andre’s Senate Project this term was Co-Sponsorship of Pride Alliance T-shirts, for which he received $1,250 from the Senate Fund. Andre has been in talks with Pride Alliance on this project since last September and started working with them this March.


Ian Hatch '14

Ian’s Senate Projects this term were as follows:

1. Elections Committee Tabling in Keefe w/Sugar Jones and Doughnuts


2. New Sound System for Game Room

--Currently in talks with Dean Fatemi about the configuration of the system. Facilities will be doing the work over the summer, and it should be ready for the Fall. Definitely happening though, and AAS probably won't have to pay a thing!-- 

3. Free Hot Water at Frost Café 

--Tony is going to have to stop giving people free cups of hot water, which will probably drive people to stop filling up with hot water for tea at Frost Café. Currently looking into equipping that Brita filter thing with a hot water dispenser. Talks are ongoing.--


Jeffrey Feldman '14

Jeff's Senate Project was coordinating the purchase of $500 musical equipment—amps, mics, and cables—for the practice rooms in James and Stearns. 


Christina Won '15

Christina’s Senate Project was getting massage chairs for upstairs Keefe. The senate funded the chairs for $4000. Dean Fatemi and Christina will obtain the chairs this summer


Rama Hagos '15

Rama’s Senate Project was AAS comment boxes similar in style to Val that would be placed in Val and Keefe. Senators would periodically go through the comments, and determine ways of addressing issues. Rama feels as though there are people who have ideas/critiques, but don't necessarily feel comfortable attending a meeting or voicing their opinions to individuals on Senate. This would be another method of transparency for the AAS that would open up more discourse.


Peter Crane '15

Peter Crane’s Senate Project was to help put together the basketball ncaa national final watching party. It was success and well attended. He requested $200.00 out of senate fund.


Sam Keaser '16

Sam Senate Project  is still in the stages of its infancy. He is working to create an Amherst Wiki to preserve the campus's traditions, history, etc. online. So far, he only has the framework of the site done


Shruthi Badri '16

Shruthi’s Senate Project for the year was to form safe spaces for women, and supporters of women, to come together and talk after the events of last semester. She did this by (a) using some senate funding to organize an alumni-student brainstorming session during Homecoming, and then later by organizing various opportunities for women to come together and talk both under the umbrella of the Amherst Women's Network and not. Part of this entailed putting pressure on the administration to improve funding and staffing for the women's center which she am still working on. My vision for the upcoming year is to get that funding, staffing and also regular programming in the women's center. 

The other ongoing project Shruthi is working on is getting some source of drinking water (water fountain/water cooler) in the Octagon. She is in talks with facilities. 


Richard Park '16

Richard’s Senate Project is the BikeShare program. Richard is currently in talks with Dean Fatemi. 


Tierney Werner '16

Tierney’s Senate Project was to get two (2) AEDs for the campus-- one for Merrill and one for Converse, as they are multi-floor buildings and response time would be heightened. She got $1500 of funding approved from the Budgetary Committee, and the remaining $2500 ($4000 total for the two) is coming from Rick Mears. He agreed to getting the AEDs in place before the end of the 2012-2013 school year.