AAS Vehicle Policy

The AAS manages three vehicles – a 5-seat Camry (numbered 80) and two 8-seat vans (numbered 81 and 82) – for student use. In addition to respecting the Amherst College Pool Vehicle Policy, those requesting an AAS vehicle must do the following:

  1. All drivers must be at least 18 years old, have at least one year of experience driving in the U.S., and be registered with Campus Police.
  2. Register all drivers with Campus Police here at least 72 hours prior to the start of their reservation. Please note that drivers may only register online and must re-register each academic year to remain eligible to drive campus vehicles.
  3. Complete and pass the EduRisk training module-- a Driver Safety Course-- with a mark of 80%.
  4. Check vehicle availability on the AAS Vehicle Calendar.
  5. Submit the AAS Van Request Form, keeping the following items in mind:
    1. Only vehicle requests submitted between one month and 24 hours prior to the start of the reservation will be considered;
    2. Only the first driver listed will be eligible to pick up the vehicle(s), and only those listed as drivers are eligible to drive. All drivers must carry a copy of a registered license valid in the U.S.;
    3. No group can reserve the vehicle more than three times per month without express permission from the AAS Secretary;
    4. Student organizations recognized by the AAS have priority, but all students are encouraged to request vehicles as long as usage abides by the AAS’s non-discrimination, accessibility, and admittance policies; and
    5. Vehicle approval shall be subject to the following time table: 
      1. Within four weeks of reservation: One AAS Vehicle may be rented by inclusive and active student groups for trips that have clear value to the student body and fall within the scope of the group’s purpose. 
      2. Within three weeks of reservation: The above student groups may reserve more than one vehicle for the same event, if available. 
      3. Within two weeks of reservation: Any student or group of students may rent vehicles for trips that have educational value, are service-oriented, or otherwise have clear value to the student body.
  6. The person designated to pick up the vehicle(s) must go to the dispatcher’s office at Campus Police at or after the beginning of the reservation and provide a copy of a valid, registered license. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of the e-mail approving the request.
  7. Return all vehicles on time and with at least a quarter-tank of gas. Students can use the gas card attached to the vehicle's keys to purchase gas at Gulf stations. The closest of which is the Cumberland Farms station east of campus at 35 Belchertown Road . 
  8. Three GPS systems are available for all students to check out for up to four days at the front circulation desk in Frost Library. Please visit the circulation desk for more information.
  9. If a person or group returns a vehicle to Campus Police either in excess of two hours late, or so late as to cause another individual or group to receive a vehicle at a later time than scheduled, then the person or group under which the vehicle was scheduled’s continued van usage will be up to the discretion of the Secretary and Director of Student Activities.  If a group or an individual violates this policy, then the person/group will lose its AAS van privileges for eight academic weeks. 
  10. Student’s van use privileges are up to the discretion of the Director of Student Activies and the Secretary in the cases including but not limited to the following:               
      • Vehicle Damages (internal and external)
      • Call-in reports
      • Reports of disrespectful behavior to ACPD Dispatchers
      • Failure to respond to inquiries from AAS Secretary about reported indiscretions
          Immediately report any accidents, damage, or problems to Campus Police – non-emergency line: (413) 542-2291; emergency line: (413) 542-2111. Questions should be directed to the AAS Secretary at aas@amherst.edu.

    AAS vehicles may not be used for:

    1. The transportation of alcohol

    2. For-profit activities (see #3)

    3. Any usage that violates the Honor Code

    4. Illegal activities

    The AAS and Campus Police recommend the following usages, given that they follow all other rules in the AAS Vehicle Policy and the College Pool Vehicle Policy:

    1. Transportation to and from extracurricular activities

    2. Transportation to and from Five College or community events

    3. Thesis research

    4. Medical appointments

    5. Job and internship interviews

    6. Running errands

    7. Short trips to Boston, New York, or surrounding areas no more than 200 miles away

    Drive safely!