Crash Protocol

Accident Instructions Owned Vehicles – as located in your Glove – Box Kit

Amherst College

In the event of an accident

  • Call 911 or notify local police at the time of the accident if there is damage to vehicles or any injuries, or if the vehicle has been broken into and items have been stolen. You are responsible for obtaining a copy of the accident report from the local police.
  • You must also notify the College of all accidents. Please call Campus Police to report the accident at 413-542-2291. Complete the enclosed report forms (MA Crash Report; Witness Card if applicable) and bring them to the Communications Center/ Campus Police.
    • BE SURE to tell Campus Police if anyone is injured and provide the person’s name.
    • Department/Organizations are responsible for deductibles for all “at fault” accidents.

In the event of a breakdown

  • Call Campus Police (Shift Commander) for assistance or instructions 413-542-2291.
  • Make arrangements for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest garage or as instructed by Campus Police.
  • Make arrangements for alternate transportation or lodging or as instructed by Campus Police.

For All Accidents

  • Safely stop at the scene. If there is an emergency, call “911”; otherwise call the local police. Have the passengers get out of the vehicle and away from the road, exiting from the side away from traffic if possible.
  • Be as calm and courteous as possible.
  • Notify Communications/Amherst College Campus Police at 413-542-2291. All Accidents no matter how minor must be reported on the MA Crash Report and the College Incident Form. Copies of these forms are available in the Communication Center and Physical Plant.
  • DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone other than the police and College officials, except to obtain driver, vehicle, and insurance carrier and witness information.
  • Acknowledge only facts to the other driver. Do not admit to any fault for the accident. Be courteous and avoid confrontational language, including words like “fault” or “blame”.
  • BE SURE to give the Communications Center your written reports (and complete a College Incident Report) when you return to campus. They will notify the Director of Physical Plant and the Insurance Office.

For Questions Contact:

      Tamarah Holm, Arthur J Gallagher & Co., 630-634-4604

Amherst Campus Police, 413-542-2291

Stacie Kroll, Five Colleges Insurance and Claims Specialist, 413-538-3092