AAS Vehicle Request Form

Before submitting a vehicle request, please 1) read the van policy and 2) check if one is available on the AAS vehicle calendar: 

Vehicle 80 (Prius)

Vehicle 81 (Van)

Vehicle 82 (Van)

*Refreshing the page should solve any issues you encounter with the calendars 

1. If all three vehicles are taken for any portion or all of your desired time slot, your request will be denied. Please adjust your request accordingly.
2. Submit your request through the vehicle request form.

Thank you!

If you're requesting a vehicle as an organization and not as an individual student, please fill out this line or your request may be denied.
Date of departure: *
Date of return: *
"Personal use" will no longer be an accepted description; please write a sentence or two about your extracurricular, activity, trip, outing, etc.
Enter the characters shown in the image or use the speaker icon to get an audio version.

Please check the van calendar to make sure your desired time is available before making requests.

NOTE: It is preferable that one of your drivers also serves as contact person. Thank you!