AAS Represents the Student Body


It makes recommendations to the administration based on student input, supports student programming such as clubs and organizations, and approves new clubs, funds student activities, and puts on campus wide events. AAS members serve on a wide variety of student/faculty committees, share student perspective with faculty members, and affect major change at Amherst College.

  • Establishing an annual donation to an Indigenous organization as an acknowledgement that Amherst College stands on Nonotuck land

  • Serving on the Covid Student Task Force to advocate for the needs of students both on-campus and remote

  • Working on bringing about change as outlined in the Reclaim Amherst campaign

For questions, comments, or suggestions please feel more than welcome to email one of your class Senators, email aas@amherst.edu, come to the weekly Senate meeting, or leave a suggestion here.

  • Committees - a list of the committees AAS senators serve on, along with the numbers and names of the senators on each committee. 
  • Minutes - a comprehensive summary of the last AAS Senate meeting, as well as the minutes archive, which stretches as far back as 2008.
  • Resolutions - a list of resolutions written and approved by the Senate.

Zoom link to meetings for 2020-21

If you or your organization would like to meet, the Eboard will be holding weekly office hours. You can sign up here.


Here you will find what the AAS Senate has done in the past, what we do every year and what we are currently working on. If you have any comments or suggestions, please go to the suggestions box tab on the left, email aas@amherst.edu or come to our weekly open senate meetings at 8:30 p.m. in the Red Room. 

  • Funds club events, activities, equipment and other things necessary for the functioning of clubs on campus. For more information visit the AAS Budgetary Committee tab on the left.
  • Funds the Campus Activities Board, which organize campus-wide events.
  • Supplies New York Times and Wall Street Journals every day in Val and offers onlince access to the New York Times(See below for more information.)
  • Places student representatives on faculty and administrative committees such as the Committee on Priorities and Resources, the College Council, and the Committee on Educational Policy
  • Helps to fund Take Your Professor Out (TYPO)
  • Pays for part of the college’s PVTA dues, providing students with area bus service.
  • Supports periodic late night snacks in Val.
  • Works on projects to improve student life called Senate Projects.
  • Allows clubs use of AAS vans to get to club events. (For more information visit the Transportation tab on the left.)
  • Allows Amherst students to receive a free yearbook. For more information on the Olio visit http://www3.amherst.edu/~olio/.
  • Pays for subsidized tickets to the UMass Fine Arts Center. To see current shows visit https://fac.umass.edu/Online/.
  • Purchases movie rights for the Amherst College Film Society, which screens movies in the theatre in Keefe.
  • Initiates all-school surveys to gauge student opinions and sends all-school emails to inform the student body about important AAS initiatives.
  • Offers free shuttle service to Bradley International Airport, Boston, and New York before and after academic vacations.
  • Allocates money to Amherst health services to continue to supply free condoms to students.
  • Offers free boxes at the end of the year to help students move out of their rooms.