Who are we?

Hi and welcome! Thank you for visiting the webpage of the Association of Amherst Students. The AAS is the student government that serves the Amherst College community.  Our purpose is to represent the student body and be a liaison between students and administration. It consists of three branches--legislative, judicial, and executive, as laid out in the AAS Constitution.  A President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Judiciary Council Chair serve as the Executive Branch.  A 32 member Student Senate makes up the Legislative Branch. Finally, the judicial branch is comprised of the Judiciary Council, headed by the Judiciary Council Chair. We hope that you find what you need, and please feel free to contact aas@amherst.edu or any individual representative with questions, suggestions, or project ideas.

Members of the AAS 

Executive Board

Judiciary Council

President: Silvia Sotolongo '19

Vice-President: Louis Briones '19

Treasurer: Natalia Khoudian '20

Secretary: Renai Foster '19




2019             2020               2021                              2022 
  • Kelley Baumann
  • Madeline J. Bustos

  • Simone E. Hinson
  • Kaelan F. McCone

  • Maeve S. McNamara

  • Joseph M. Schneider (Joe)
  • Kristian K. Sogaard
  • Williams S. Zaubler (Will)
  • John S. Ballard

  • Hannah R. Fox

  • Gregory D. Franklin (Greg)

  • Olusade G. Green (Sade)

  • Ziad Kaddouri

  • Lauren A. Knight

  • David W. Wilson


  • Waleed Babar

  • Benjamin X. Gilsdorf (Ben)
  • Rafael E. Gonzalez

  • Hunter B. Lampson

  • Isiaha J. Price

  • Julia E. Ralph

  • Matthew D. Sanders (Matt)

  • Andrea E. Webb

  • Adres De La Torre (Andy)

  • Gabriel L. Echarte

  • Jae Yun Ham

  • Eun Ji Han (Angelina)

  • Brooke L. Harrington

  • Clinton Oshipitan

  • Aniah H. Washington

  • Sun Ho Yoo (Derek)