Amherst has a proud tradition of successful alumni in business and finance. According to the Class of 2014 Post-Graduation Outcomes Survey, nearly 30% of jobs secured were in the business and finance fields. To build on the strength of the Amherst tradition and ensure that today’s students are prepared to translate their life-changing Amherst education into professional opportunities and experiences, we developed the Careers in Business and Finance program.


To create a comprehensive program dedicated to coaching, advising and preparing students for careers in business and finance, and to working with alumni and employers to increase internship opportunities for students interested in finance, consulting and other business careers.

Amherst students participating in the program will:

  1. Evaluate a broad set of potential careers (e.g., consulting, investment banking, investment management, hedge funds, private wealth management, private equity)
  2. Receive personalized career counseling
  3. Build business and finance skills through workshops and seminars
  4. Develop job search skills to find and secure relevant opportunities
  5. Hone personal/life skills to ensure success in interviews and full-time positions
  6. Learn to network with experienced alumni and potential employers