Investment Club

The Investment Club teaches members about finance, business, and investing. It manages over $90,000 on behalf of Amherst College’s $2.6 billion in a fundamental, long-only investment portfolio.  Student members learn about how to value a company and how to consider entrance and exit prices for positions in the portfolio to maximize profits. Although the club invests only in domestically-traded equity securities, it seeks to teach members how to approach all investment decisions using a fundamental and value-oriented approach. The Investment Club also discusses career opportunities and job-search skills relevant to jobs in various business and financial industries. 

Consulting Club

Amherst Consulting Club is a student-led organization established to expose aspiring consultants to career opportunities and preparation for consulting interviews through speaker events, workshops, and simulations. In addition, the club creates teams that assist with consulting projects for campus partners and some pro-bono consulting for community businesses.  They also help students with the recruiting process, including case interviewing strategies and mock interviews.

Amherst College Entrepreneur’s Society

The Amherst College Entrepreneurship Society (ACES) exposes students to the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups. They have weekly meetings and seminars, including guest speakers who are innovators and pioneers in their fields. They host pitch competitions as well as assist students with learning about customer discovery, how to create a budget and how to write a business plan, and offer advice and support to student-run businesses through the Amherst Alumni network. 

Quantitative Trading Club

The quantitative trading club provides students a medium to exchange ideas, hone skills, and gain exposure to the field of quantitative trading. They strive to bring together students of diverse backgrounds and abilities together to tackle challenging and engaging stock market problems. Throughout the year, they host speakers and firms to provide insight into the quantitative finance and trading industry and discuss trading strategies and techniques. In addition, they participate in competitions to test their skills, build connections, and potentially win prizes.

Women in Finance/Smart Women Securities

Women in Finance is an organization focused on providing resources, networking events, advisory services, and intellectual capital for women at Amherst College who are interested in learning about and/or pursuing a career in finance.  The club fosters mentor/mentee partnerships, practice mock finance interviews, host information workshops with guest speakers and alumni, host networking luncheons to encourage finance discussions and organize annual finance treks to Boston and New York City.  In addition, the Women in Finance organization is also a chapter of Smart Women Securities, a national, non-profit organization empowering a new generation of women with greater investment knowledge and financial influence.