Amherst Careers in Government & Nonprofits

The Amherst College Careers in Government & Nonprofits program supports and motivates students who want to make a positive contribution to society through public service, politics, or nonprofit work. Because the range of opportunities to do this is vast and diverse, this program exposes students to careers in these sectors, supports their process of discerning which areas of work might be a good fit, and creates opportunities for them to develop the professional skills and knowledge they need to make a positive impact on issues they care about. 

Signature Programs

Careers in Government & Nonprofits Trek
The Careers in Government & Nonprofits trek to Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland is an opportunity for Amherst College students to learn how a liberal arts education can prepare them for purposeful career paths in the nonprofit and government sectors. This small, selective group of fellows spends spring break visiting alumni and other leaders who are working on important issues through public policy research, advocacy and lobbying, community organizing, political leadership, international development, and direct social service. Students will prepare for this trip through a pre-departure orientation and debrief the experience through reflection activities and ongoing advising and mentoring.

Food for Thought Lunch Series
Two to three times each semester, an alumnus/a that works in nonprofit or government or otherwise serves the greater good is invited to campus as part of the Food for Thought lunch series. The alumni share a meal, stories, and advice about their career paths and current work, and students are encouraged to share their reflections and ask questions. Alumni guests have shared about their work as mental health clinicians, civil liberty policy directors, nonprofit consultants, research directors, global development advisors, state legislators, AmeriCorps volunteers, foreign policy experts, community organizers, and educators.