Class of 2026: Welcome to the Pre-Health Community at Amherst!

Amherst College Health Professions Orientation Information: Fall 2022

By Prof. William Loinaz and Dean Richard Aronson 

Whether you have always known you wanted to be a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, nurse, physician’s assistant, mental health professional, medical social worker, physical or occupational therapist, or public health professional, or if you are just interested in exploring the possibility of a career in one of the health professions, Amherst College has information you’ll find useful, and people to help guide you throughout your time here.

Fall 2022 Health Professions Orientation Guide for Class of 2026 (PDF)

Be sure to check out the video from our Spring 2018 Health Professions Student Panel for Admitted Students & Families, too!


Amherst Careers In Health Professions

Amherst Careers in Health Professions provides pre-health advising and mentoring throughout a student’s Amherst College years and beyond. The advising philosophy is interdisciplinary and holistic in nature, with the goal of promoting a collaborative culture that builds community among pre-health students and helping students understand that there are multiple paths to a health professions career, including paths other than medicine.


Our Health Professions Advisor, Dr. Richard Aronson, advises students and young alumni who are considering careers in health. Rebecca (Becca) Tishler, Assistant Director for Health Professions Advising, also meets with students and young alumni to discuss their interests in health. 

Both Dr. Aronson and Becca are eager to speak to students at any point in their pre-health journey. They, along with all other members of the Loeb Center, work with students to help them find internships and career opportunities and reach their academic and professional goals.


We are proud of our Peer Mentoring Pre-Health Program. This program matches experienced students with younger students to support them through the start of their pre-health journey. The program has grown and evolved since its start in 2011. Health Professions partners with the student-run Charles Drew Heath Professions Society. In addition, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has provided consultation as we focus on supporting under-resourced and under-represented first year and sophomore mentees. We view the program not only as a one-to-one mentoring program but also integral to building a sense of community among pre-health students.