Assess your personality

Your personality is shaped by many factors, including your family, culture, experiences, and environment. Some fundamental characteristics of your personality are also innate. Regardless of the origin of your personality, it is an important part of your identity that can impact how satisfied or happy you will be working in certain jobs or fields. The better you understand your personality and how you function in the world, the more likely you will be to find jobs or careers that are a good match.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): The Loeb Center offers the MBTI personality assessment to students at no charge. If you have not done so already, you must meet with a career advisor before you take the assessment to ensure that it is a suitable next step in your self-reflection process. If it is, the advisor will give you more information about this tool and give you the instructions for taking the online version. The online assessment takes 20-30 minutes, and in order to retrieve your results, you must meet with a career advisor. During this one hour appointment, the advisor will help you understand the results and interpret the accompanying Career Report which, among other things, identifies occupations and fields that might be satisfying to your personality type.